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About the game

Gravity Shifter is a physics based platformer where the player can invert the effect gravity has on him.

The game itself was developed in Unity, the art with Aseprite, and the music with FL Studio and royalty-free soundfonts. It was made under a 15 day period.

Thank you for passing by!


The game is meant to be played with an Xbox controller, but a keyboard can be used as well.

Installation instructions

Under Windows, unzipping the .zip file and running the .exe (while keeping the data folder next to it) should suffice.

Under Linux (tested under Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca 64 bit), doing a cd to the decompressed file and executing

./Gravity\ Shifter.x86


./Gravity\ Shifter.x86_64

should be enough. If not, try executing the following beforehand:

chmod +x Gravity\ Shifter.x86


chmod +x Gravity\ Shifter.x86_64

If that doesn't work, try modifying the file's permissions or moving the game to a directory in which you actually have permission to do such things as running an executable.


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Gravity-Shifter-Windows-x86.zip 16 MB
Gravity-Shifter-Windows-x86_64.zip 18 MB
Gravity-Shifter-Linux-x86.tar.gz 22 MB
Gravity-Shifter-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz 22 MB

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